December 28, 2012

Today we took the kids to Wrightwood to play in the snow. Sal was a little worried about going but I think it was worth it. He had some problems with the high altitude and the cold air but once he was use to it, he was a little better. Each day he realizes how much muscle mass he has lost, but each day he is slowly working to gain it back. He wasn’t able to walk too much or ride a sled, but he was able to share in the laughs and enjoyed watching the kids laugh and play in the snow. It is hard to live in fear of not knowing when the Leukemia will come back, but that doesn’t mean we have to dwell on it. We need to enjoy our lives and make memories that will last a lifetime. Today was one of those memories that we will have. Sal may not be able to do everything that he was able to do in the past, but he is still able to try. We still need to find a donor, but in the mean time we want to enjoy little things like going up to the mountains. :)

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